the leading idea (since having a leading idea is nice) is duality [jaser/laego is the duality album]. that explains the backslash in the title and some diphthongs here and there (just to be fussy).

j/l is then based on the combination of opposites: first of all, analogue and digital (the end-of-century figurative/abstractism), confused witin each other, almost undistinguishable; and then the structure: horizontal (development in time) and vertical (development of tune, counterpoint, full empty and other pleasantries).

duality is also expressed in the title: on one side is jaser, that indicates painting, improvvisation, profoundity, chance and approximation [all strictly horizontal concepts]; on the other side are lego blocks: of different size and color that when put one over another form things: they indicate the construction, both childish and obsessive, the stratification [all puerile concepts, strictly vertical]. this union , following underhand ways, brought to the production of 12 spicy, unpredictable songs.

headlong into one single element: the sequencer, that characterize the album in its entirety , as it fully contains both concepts.



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